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  3. First blog post is up! RIGHT HERE!


  4. johnsonluii said: Hey Danny! I am only a freshman in college, and I am majoring in Graphic Art. I really like your work and you inspire me a lot. I am wondering that when have you started your work? Like online portfolio, internship etc. It'd be great if you have time to reply me! Thanks!

    Hey John! So sorry I didn’t respond earlier, its been a crazy couple of months..

    I honestly just was inspired by a lot of design work that I saw online and it eventually led me to pursue creative fields as a career. I also did quite a few internships which helped me get hands on experience and helped me find out what exactly I wanted to do. 

  5. I’ve been reworking my webs tie for some time now, and I think its finally done! Would love to know what you all think of it! 

    - http://dannyowens.co

    - Photo by espressoandlove

  6. cautioner-s:

    And here’s another for you.

    Loved shooting this guy for gap 

    (via couture-n-crossbones)

  7. cautioner-s:

    One of my photos from my Gap shoot, a big thanks to dannyowenslife for this opportunity. Go check his stuff out!

  8. gap:


    Josh Rod

    "Josh is a regular at the coffee shop I work at and over time we started a relationship. Ever since meeting him I’ve always been inspired by his insane drive for adventure and the amount of joy that exudes from him!" —Danny Owens

    Oh hey! That’s my photo!

    Continually blown away by this project!

  9. Josh | Gap, Dress Normal Project

  10. AJ | Gap, Dress Normal Project