1. Today was one my favorite days of the summer so far. ☀️
    It was filled with long drives in a hot car, laughs and stories, exploring new places, sitting on rocks in the ocean talking about our futures & how incredibly lucky we are to have the lives we do, getting stuck in traffic, eating meatballs at ikea, & giving hugs goodbye. -
    My friends mean so much to me and I’m so blessed to have stumbled upon such a family of amazing people. They’re extraordinary and I love doing life with them!
    #DoTheExtraordinary #hwmoi

  2. - Blades of Glory -

  3. Todays Summer Fun.

  4. - Hearts Ablaze - 

  5. Today’s 4th of July gathering…

    Can I just host dinner party’s for a living? Because is seriously would be ok with that!

  6. Hanging off the ledge - At Rattlesnake Ridge

  7. I’m currently live posting my dinner party 🎉

  8. - Dash Point -

  9. Always on that selfie LYFE

  10. The Summer whispers hello

    - iPhone